Friday, November 8, 2013


Our Petition for adoption is just waiting for the Apostille and so is the POA, then sending them to the Country to be translated...So excited!!! 
Now we just need to get busy raising the funds needed.. $5000.00 total.. We can Do All things Through Christ our Lord!!

Lets Bring this Child Home!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Our Heavenly Father above has guided our family to this one little girl.

Time is running out for this one little girl shown our our adoption blog.  
But our family's heart is crying to bring her home.
As the years have passed she has watched as her friends left
and she remains alone.

Imagine no one there to hold you or tell you they love you.
Can you imagine crying and not having a momma to hold you?
Life is unfair.
And even unfair to little children.
But with the one little girl there is hope.
And with hope I need everyone's help in saving her.
So she will be aging out and then be placed in an adult mental institution.
She will be placed with adults and possibly abused.
Or worse off be sent to the streets alone.

I ask each of you as you kiss your children good night
think of this little girl as she lays alone.
Alone to cry.

You can make a difference today by donating
for our family's adoption so we are able to have the upfront funds to commit
to her quickly.

Please I ask that you share our adoption blog with others for prayers and donations.
God Bless

We are commiting and this is our little dream girl

There is a sweet sweet girl who has been waiting for so long...
We are working on committing to her to
make Her our forever daughter.
Beautiful Blue eyes and Blonde hair and a smile to die for.

I have No idea why she waited, However I know God Know why!!

These Give Aways are so very important at this point that I just can not explain.
PLEASE PLEASE Help us Raise the funds.
Thank you for every penny that is given!


Thursday, October 10, 2013

When we meet our goal at the end of the Give Away..3 Lucky people will also win A Visa Thank you Card!!

2,  $50.00 Visa Gift Cards
1, $100.00  Visa Gift Card

Give Away Time!!.....2 KINDLE FIRE'S HDX

Perfect-color HDX display, plus powerful quad-core processor for fast, fluid performance and immersive entertainment

  • Exclusive 7" HDX display (1920x1200), high pixel density (323 PPI), and perfect color accuracy (100% sRGB) for vivid, lifelike images that go beyond standard HD
  • The fastest processor on a 7" tablet—powerful 2.2GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM for fast, fluid multi-tasking, gaming, and video
  • Introducing the "Mayday" button—revolutionary, on-device tech support, exclusive to Kindle Fire HDX tablets. Connect for free to an Amazon expert 24x7, 365 days a year
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  • Immersive entertainment experience—see trivia and character backgrounds with X-Ray for Movies and TV, follow along with lyrics with new X-Ray for Music, fling videos to your TV with Second Screen, and more

How this will work is for;

Donations accepted are:
$5 for one entry
 $10 for three entries
$15  for five entries
   $20 for seven entries
Donations can be made through our Caring page through November 30, 2013 at 5:00 p.m.
We will also be doing some great Gift Card Giveaways in about an Hour.

Note: In the event donations are not received to cover the cost of the Kindle all donations will be refunded.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our Fund Raiser Page


We have decided that we will complete an adoption of our last child/children one way or another.. We can do this and I pray you all support us in one way or another.  It has been a real rough year for our family and at this time we just want to complete my dream of adopting a Down Syndrome girl under the age of 4. I will be trying some fund raiser's of which 2 are going on right now. I will also do some auctions and we are open to donations at anytime. Adoptions Internationally are Not cheap and can be in excess of $30,000. not all due at once, but in installments of $1500, and $2500. and so on. We have our household funds that support our family right now and will support our new child when added tour family, We do Not however have the extra $30,000 laying around doing nothing, which is why we will need everyone's help to make this happen.  Most people that know me knows that I have been trying for over 10 years to adopt a little girl with Down Syndrome, I have tried to make this happen in the past and failed 2 times as we were not supported in doing so, We did have some great people that supported us and tried to help us make it work (God Love them), it just didn't happen..
This time it is going to happen!! I can just feel it in my heart...I know this is it and this time my lil' bug will be coming home!!!
Please join us in making this happen!!!
Thank you and God Bless!!